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About me

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Professions, Experiences, Vocation, Vision

I am a guide, a visionary, an intuitive, an author, a singer-songwriter, an entrepreneur.

As a lawyer, business development manager, marketing manager, CSR manager and quality manager I learned a lot about our corporate world, about current energies and structures.

As an attorney for intellectual property and trademarks, I kept myself close to art and artists.

A stream of education in filmmaking, directing, storytelling/scriptwriting, actor-directing, camera, light and filmproduction fueled my ideas and visions of creative projects to come.

The love for stories, film, and animals led to a couple of experiences in different movie productions and into the knowledge of how to integrate animals playfully into self-development-coachings.

Being a horse-assisted, integral life management coach and a guide for self-awareness and development showed me how beautiful life unfolds when we are present in the moment, self-aware, self-reliant, empowered and fully embodied. This helped me to find deeper parts of myself, my vocation and my vision for a new world.

Meeting the Brothers Koren and experiencing the healing space that can be created through my own voice, changed my perception forever. Being led into my own creative process, creating songs from deep within and allowing healing of trauma to occur, showed me the importance of claiming my own unique voice.

Becoming a YBV Master Coach opened up the path to the next step that wanted to be lived:


To change the frequency by empowering others to lean into their voice & creativityand through providing creative projects & experiences all over the world.


The magic of presence, innocence, love and creative sparks is the unique path into a new timeline.

I am driven by love and by the deep knowing that we are able to choose to head into a bright new world.


Owning our voice, our power, our stories and our energies will assist us on our path of embodiment and enlightenment. Whatever that may be.

Get in contact with me:


My Human Design:

Mental Projector 1/3

The Right Angle Path of Rulership 2

My defined Channel: 64-47

Steward for Inspiration 

Abstraction & Divine Potential

Imagination & Creativity


The sharing of past experiences starts  with confusion, ends with A-ha moments, insights, illuminations - and at least

one story;-)

Enneagram Tritype  Sx 8-7-3



Leo AC, Su & Ma Gem,  Mo Aqua,

Mer/Ju Can, Ve  Taur/MC, Sa Pisc

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